The James Cook University Hospital: Middlesbrough


Inprohas supplied and installed a complete wall protection system, including wall guards, corner guards, dual rail, a combined handrail and wall guard system, rubrails and bed locators, all in Willow (pastel green) to create a tranquil yet hygienic design solution to the new cancer centre. By installing a complete wall protection system the cost of ongoing repairs is reduced, whilst the aesthetics of the newly furnished unit are maintained. Where pedestrian safety was a priority, 3500W Dual Rail provided the ideal solution, offering a timber handrail for support and a wall
guard for impact protection in a combined system. Designed to meet the specific needs of healthcare environments, Dual Rail also meets the guidance set out in HBN 00-10 and HBN 00-04.

Product Specified:
â?¢ 3500W dual rail
â?¢ 1400i Wall Guards
â?¢ 6000 Bed Locators
� 800 Bed Locators
â?¢ 160 High Impact Corner Guards
â?¢ 180 Stainless Steel Corner Guards
â?¢ Bespoke formed Sanparrel Rigid sheet

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