JointMaster Unveils First ‚Complete‘ System to Protect Parking Structures and their Owners


Most parking structures face an endless barrage of abuse from cars and Mother Natureâ??s forcesâ??including seismic, thermal and wind activity. To prevent them from breaking down and looking bad, owners are forced to rely on several different product vendors to get all of the protective equipment they need. This often means more paperwork, and less accountability when products break down or malfunction. Inproâ??s JointMaster division is finally rescuing owners by providing the first complete solution from one companyâ??including new and advanced facility protection, compression seals, and expansion joint systems.
â??We refer to this new solution as a â??5-starâ?? system because it easily gives parking structure owners everything they could ever want, just like a 5-star hotel does for its guests,â? said Matthew Fisher, Product Manager for JointMaster. â??It shouldnâ??t be such a hassle for owners to get all the different protective products they needâ??and now it isnâ??t.â?
JointMasterâ??s new Parking Systems solution brings several new products to the market:
· 787P Series Joint â?? â??The Strong, Silent Type.â?? Designed with a unique profile that drastically reduces the impact and noise of vehicular traffic, this seismic capable system is both durable and discreet.
· â??Easy Installâ?? Compression Seals. Compression seals â??toughenâ?? parking structures against thermal movement and weather damage, but most are tough to install as well. JointMasterâ??s new, patented seal profile was designed for maximum flexibility and deck adhesion as well as ease of installationâ??without any sacrifice in toughness or durability.
· Facility Protection. New corner guards, dock bumpers and wall guards add cushion to the spots where drivers are most likely to damage their cars and structures. tyre stops and speed guards help drivers navigate parking structures more safely to avoid collisions with structures and other cars.
As sustainability leaders in the building protection industry, JointMasterâ??s product engineers incorporated recycled material into several of these new products, including recycled aluminium in the cover plates for the joints, and rubber from recycled tyres in the tyre stops and speed guards.
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